“I’m infused with an inherent creativity and the gift for art to permeate my everyday life. In today’s innovative world it’s so exciting to break out of the art form and apply my work to absolutely anything.” – Hannah Grossberg 2015

Based out of a sun-soaked studio in Eastern Sydney, Hannah Grossberg is emerging as a game-changing artistic talent with no limits to the application of her signature techniques.

By fusing traditional art methods such as oil painting with modern skills including digital illustration and expert styling, Hannah occupies her own inimitable space in the industry. Her oil and watercolour paintings have already attracted critical acclaim for their feminist aspects, as Hannah plays with the female sensibility and surrounds her elegant nudes in nature. Transparency, the beauty and texture of light, nature and botanical references are all recurring themes of Hannah’s work.

The young artist is influenced by many sources – British painter Lucien Freud’s bold oil paintings, the impressionist Claude Monet and his iconic waterlilies, and closer to home, the work of Australian artist Del Kathryn Barton. Hannah is also exposed to her love of art through global travel. Alongside with her Mum, a successful landscape designer, she regularly attends international events including the Hong Kong Art Fair and Art Basel and has been lucky enough to experience the world’s top art galleries.

Hannah grew up in Sydney, demonstrating a natural artistic talent from an early age – her HSC project, inspired by a trip to Japan and the country’s cultural hybrid of past and present, was selected for ARTEXPRESS, a highly competitive annual exhibition of the most innovative and outstanding student artworks. She went on to study a Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) at Sydney College of the Arts and was selected for the prestigious exchange program at Parsons School of Design in New York.

At only 23, Hannah has built an impressive personal brand and has received commissions from creative brands including Missoni, Vogue Australia, Sydney’s The Corner Shop designer boutique, health and wellness influencer JS Health, and womenswear label Aje. Her collaborative projects have ranged from retail store window installations and edgy sketches of new fashion collections, to family oil paintings and illustrations in healthy recipe books.

Away from her studio, she assists at a leading art consultancy and as a self-confessed health addict, unwinds with regular yoga sessions. Hannah is available for private client consultations, corporate commissions, and creative projects.